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Hilda Oti Quotes



 “Some events have to happen in your life to push you to your next level of greatness, never resist change” Hilda Oti


“Never underestimate the power of sowing into the work of the Kingdom, it is the most profitable venture on the face of the earth” Hilda Oti


“In a world that is filled with so much strife and sufferings, those who put their trust and hope in God always sail confidently through it all into victory” Hilda Oti


“There is power in your tongue, use it wisely by speaking positive words” Hilda Oti


“Some events have to happen in your life to push you towards your greatness, never resist change” Hilda Oti


“Tag your life to Christ Jesus and you will never be disappointed, He will strengthen you and uphold you with His mighty right hand”. Hilda Oti


“Life is what we make of it, it’s good if you believe it to be so, it’s the other way if you believe it to be that way, to get the best from life, belief that life will give you the very best” Hilda Oti


 “Those who faithfully walk with God are heirs of God and so will never loose in the battles of life”. Hilda Oti


Never be discouraged in life because your trust and hope is the ancient of days who never fails Hilda Oti


“With hope and vision man can accomplish anything worthy” Hilda Oti


“Mega blessings are only achievable by divine providence; the recipients of this extraordinary supernatural experience are those who have positioned themselves in divinity”. Hilda Oti


“We are renewed each day by our works and fruits, the nature of our works and fruits depend on the light and darkness in them, live in God’s light to get properly rejuvenated” Hilda Oti


“Do good to whoever crosses your part in the journey of life, as you desire a greater good from a powerful God, know that the good you receive is equal to the one you gave out” Hilda Oti


“It does not matter what anyone says about you, only what God says matters” quote―Hilda Oti


“Live every day of your life glorifying God” ― Hilda Oti


“Be very careful who you surround yourself with, where you place yourself, who you hang out with, negative people exposed to you can affect you negatively” Hilda Oti


“Medical Doctors are not equipped to treat the myriad of spiritual afflictions affecting the human race; consult Dr Jesus today for your healing, deliverance and total restoration”   Hilda Oti 


“A man who diligently seeks the good of his fellow man will always be promoted” quote Hilda Oti



“The devil feeds on the sins in your life to get an upper hand over you” Hilda Oti


“Many people are sleep walking through life; they are not truly living but only existing due to the ancestral strong holds that was passed to them through their bloodline” Hilda Oti


“True deliverance can only be achieved by the renewing of your mind with the word of God” Hilda Oti


“Do not be moved by what you see or feel in any bad situation, believe what the word of God says and it will become an illusion compared to what is come” Hilda Oti


“Medical Doctors are not equipped to treat the myriad of spiritual afflictions affecting the human race; consult Dr Jesus today for your healing, deliverance and total restoration” Hilda Oti


 “Strive to be at peace with all men, that is God’s instruction to us; for the devil is the real enemy not those he is using” Hilda Oti


 “Avoid doing evil things because what you give out will definitely come back to you, it’s a natural law” Hilda Oti


 “When you are a follower of Christ, life will never short-change you” Hilda Oti                                                                                                          

 “When you are a follower of Christ you will never be short-changed in life” Hilda Oti


 “You cannot be in two camps at the same time, you are either in the camp of the devil or the camp of God choose wisely today” Hilda Oti


“Honesty in all you do will bring you great rewarding blessings; abundant life, the peace of God, the joy of the Lord, eternal life and much more” Hilda Oti


 “When God sends us on a mission, He will protect, provide and equip us, He will be a consuming fire before us and behind us, His eyes are like that of an eagle watching over us and no power whatsoever can stop that mission” Hilda Oti


 “There are many Sheep in wolves clothing, test their spirits, ask God for discernment because there are many agents of darkness sent to derail many destinies” Hilda Oti


“Wisdom comes from God so ask Him for wisdom today; unlearned men in the Bible became learned because they were with Jesus” Hilda Oti


“When God’s hand is upon your life, the Lord will make your enemies your foot stool; they shall not prevail nor prosper over you” Hilda Oti


 “When God calls you, He makes it His business to bring it to pass; it has nothing to do with your efforts but strictly by a divine order so that God alone takes all the glory” Hilda Oti


 “God is powerful, so powerful, most people don’t understand His awesomeness that is why they live their lives without God in it” Hilda Oti


 “The rewards of obedience to Almighty God is unimaginable great lasting blessings” Hilda Oti


 “Man’s trouble’s on earth is as a result of his disobedience to God’s laws” Hilda Oti


 “When you pray, believe that you have received and it will manifest, but if its not God’s will it will not manifest then you must trust God that something better will manifest in its place” Hilda Oti


 “Do not fear your foes, they are as powerless as a toothless dog, when you fear them, you give them power over you so resist them by the power of God” Hilda Oti


Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean; take those little steps today towards your desired goal Hilda Oti


“Be filled with gratitude; find something everyday to give gratitude for. Be grateful for something each day” Hilda Oti


"Obedience to God puts you in a position for promotion; it brings you heavenly awards and allegiance from the throne of God" Hilda Oti


“God’s standard for us is not to overwhelm us but to save us from all the fiery darts of the enemy" quote Hilda Oti

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