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Hilda Oti Wisdom Nuggets



"You don’t need too many people around you only the few right ones”       Hilda Oti


“Never despise humble beginnings” Hilda Oti


“When the world turns against you rejoice because that is when God steps in” Hilda Oti


“You cannot truly serve God without the help of the Holy Spirit because the heart of man is desperately so wicked”  Hilda Oti


“When going through God’s refining process, it’s usually not void of pains so don’t get embittered and spoil the process”  Hilda oti


“When you are set free from demonic oppression, it will be foolish to indulge in things that will send you back to captivity” Hilda Oti


“Don’t get caught up in unproductive busyness” Hilda Oti


“Don’t sentence yourself to a lifetime of misery, pain and regrets because of wrong choices programmed from the kingdom of darkness, ask God to redirect your life to align with His will; its better late than never”  Hilda Oti


“Whatever  kindness or love you show to certain people, they will never appreciate it, don't let them upset you; light and darkness have nothing in common”  Hilda Oti


“If you have never been foolish you cannot be wise, it takes the road of foolishness to become wise” Hilda Oti


“Worry less about those who try to belittle you, they act that way because they feel you are above them” Hilda Oti


“Ask God to open your spiritual eyes to see what is going on in the realm of the spirit and your wrong perspective about God and life will change for good” Hilda Oti


“Don’t ever look down on yourself, many have the habit of looking down on themselves; this habit sets you backwards. You are the image of God, you are powerful”  Hilda Oti


“Never judge another, stop your theories and assumptions about other people, until you can read the inner thoughts of man then you can be judge” Hilda Oti


 “Betrayal comes from those close to you but don’t react negatively, just shake it off and move on” Hilda Oti


“Are you a hypocritical professing Christian, its terrible to fool God, repent and turn a new leaf today” Hilda Oti


“Hate Spiritual blindness with a perfect hatred and seek God's devine revelations today”  Hilda Oti


“Life is very simple and straightforward if you learn to listen to divine intuitions”    Hilda Oti


“Nothing happens by chance, everything we do and all that happens is already planned out by God before we were born. All occur to fulfill divine plan"   Hilda Oti


"Your Bible is your best reliable counselor, study it daily to equip yourself for the battles ahead; the devil your adversary is going up and down looking  for whom to devour”   Hilda Oti


“When you are a follower of Christ and people insult and despise you, don’t take it personal for they do that because of the light of God in your life”  Hilda Oti


"True happiness is not in material possessions for there are many wealthy people out there who are very unhappy; ask God for prosperity that no sorrow is added to it” Hilda Oti


“You are where you are today because you have accepted it, the day you desire and start working towards positive change, it will come to your own amazement”  Hilda Oti


“Where you are today will not determine where you will be tomorrow”    Hilda Oti


“If you are unhappy for other people’s progress you are closing the door to your own progress, because what you wish others comes back to you”  Hilda Oti


“Repay no one evil for evil, never avenge yourselves, but leave the way open for God’s wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is Mine, I will repay (requite), says the Lord.”  Hilda Oti


“You cannot force people to change from darkness into God’s light, its only by grace and the help of the Holy Spirit that people change”  Hilda Oti


“Do not be a robot in the hands of the devil, learn to listen to the quiet whispers of the Holy Spirit” Hilda Oti


Appreciate everyone you meet in life both the good and the bad because they all play key roles in what you will become in life”  Hilda Oti


“Never become discouraged, hold on tighly to the promise which is yours, it may tarry but it will surely come” Hilda Oti


“Many are defeated because of negative words they spoke over their lives; annul every negative words with the blood of Jesus and replace them with positive words ”  Hilda Oti


"Be that honest person that everybody is looking for to deal with and make God proud He created you”  Hilda Oti

"Delay can be a blessing in disguise for many delays have saved many lives ” Hilda Oti


“Your destiny is not in a man’s hand but God” Hilda Oti


“When faced with a serious dilemma, don’t panic and get confused, Ask GOD to help you out” Hilda Oti


“Never judge a matter between two people by hearing only one side of the story, hear from the other person before you make a conclusion”   Hilda Oti


“You are a key player in however your life turns out” Hilda Oti


“When faced with temptation, kneel down, pray, ask God to help you out and you will see His mighty hand at work in your favor” Hilda Oti


“Make this your anthem, ‘It is well with my soul’ and you will experience wellness” Hilda Oti


“You are what you eat so start eating healthy foods today” Hilda Oti


“Never rush anything in life, take your time to see clearly before you take a decision” Hilda Oti


“Be nice to everyone that comes your way ; the angel of God sent to help you can come to you in any form” Hilda Oti


“Foolishness is very costly, seek wisdom today” Hilda Oti


“Most people spend their best years doing nothing productive to equip their golden years” Hilda Oti


“Sympathize and pray for those with dissociative personalities; the devil is the root cause of such conditions” Hilda Oti


“There is no small evil, evil is evil, run from evil "Hilda Oti


“Don’t rely on people to help you actualize your dream, at the end of the day you will be responsible for your success or failure” Hilda Oti


“The devil feeds on the sins in your life to get an upper hand over you” Hilda Oti


“Strive to be at peace with all men, that is God’s instruction; the devil is the real enemy not those he is using” Hilda Oti


“Be careful what you think for there is no careless thought, your thought becomes your reality so hold every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” Hilda Oti


“Money cannot buy you freedom from spiritual oppression, only a true walk with Christ can set you free” Hilda Oti


“Many people pretend they don’t need God but inwardly they are going through hell” Hilda Oti


“What people say to you often reflect who they are” Hilda Oti


“We are in a natural world, to be free from the contaminations of the world, think Godly thoughts”  Hilda Oti


“Do not try to overcome the troubles of life on your own because you will fail, seek divine help from I AM THAT I AM”  Hilda Oti


“Clutter in your home and spiritual life will dim your ability to take care cof your soul and this interferes with achieving a full and satisfying life; cleanliness is next to Godliness.”   Hilda Oti


“You become what you think for thoughts have life in them, change your negative thoughts today and your life will change for good”  Hilda Oti


“Become a true follower of Christ today; you have nothing to loose but a lot to gain”  Hilda Oti


Make something positive out of your life while you are still young and strong, the old frail people you see around today were once young so make hay while the sun shines”  Hilda Oti


“When you believe God on anything never doubt, when doubt creeps in; annul it immediately with what God says for without faith no man can receive from God”    Hilda Oti


“The enemy wants us to fail but knowing who we are in Christ we cannot fail. Failure is a word that was deleted out of our lives on the cross of Calvary”    Hilda Oti


“Pride goes before a mighty fall, many have being ruined by pride, even when they are drowning; because of pride they would not ask for help”   Hilda Oti


“Thank and appreciate God for what He has already given you and dwell less on what you don’t have”   Hilda Oti


“Put your trust and hope only in God and not on people 'cos trusting people instead of God brings disapointments”  Hilda Oti


“Keep away negative thoughts and allow God’s love and peace into your hearts daily” Hilda Oti


“Stay unoffended because anytime you get offended your soul gets wounded and it affects every area of your life”   Hilda Oti


“Know that you will be blessed and highly favored if you faithfully follow and obey the creator of the universe” Hilda Oti


“Your darkest hour always ushers you into your brightest days if you love and put all your trust in God, The King of Kings”  Hilda Oti


“Never be weary of doing good, for in due time the Lord will reward you for your good works”  Hilda Oti


"A lying tongue is an abomination to the Lord; if you are a Christian then you must keep away from lying, let your word be your bond”  Hilda Oti

"Separate yourself from negative people who want to drag you back; light & darkness have nothing in common " Hilda Oti


"Depression is a form of demonic oppression, its satan's weapon to torment the human race ” Hilda Oti


"Pretending to be who you are not is deception but sooner or later the truth about you will be revealed”  Hilda Oti


"Never say too much about you to a stranger hoping they will become friends” Hilda Oti


"Stop lying to yourself and acknowledge the truth about a matter. Lying to yourself is the worst kind of mental imprisonment, seek truth and the truth shall set you free”  Hilda Oti


"You cannot assist God to help you, wait patiently for his leading, many do it their own way and miss their blessings”  Hilda Oti


"You become what you think so be very careful what you think” Hilda Oti


"What works for Mr A might not work for Mr B so follow your divine path” Hilda Oti


"It's always better done late than never; delay is not denial”  Hilda Oti


"Never forget your self worth no matter what you are going through, you are wonderfully made and God has your back” Hilda Oti







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