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Spotted on the red carpet: Hilda Oti stunnes at the African Living Legend awards in Harmburg

Hilda Oti Receives African Diaspora Living Legend Awards


At the African Diaspora Living Legend awards in Hamburg Germany 7th May 2016, it was a star studded event… glitz and glamour, a spectacular night with many important dignitaries in attendance ranging from Ambassadors, Professional Athletes in Football, Table-Tennis, Sprint and Media Personalities from TV, Radio and Print Media, Music Artists present in hoardes. 

Among those who were honored at this occassion is Multi talented Artist Hilda Oti, Founder/publisher of African Rays Magazine the first bilingual social cultural magazine to be published in Paris. Editor in Chief of Nigerians in Paris online blog/Nigerians in Diaspora blog, painter, freelance journalist, Artist and author of the book "Born To be Free". She received the Living Legend award in recognition for Diaspora Engagement International.

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