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 Hilda Oti

Achieve your highest potential; become the best version of you & break all barriers to business success.

My Passion

Am passionate about helping women on their leadership journey and building a very strong self-confidence to navigate their way in business and their personal lives to become the best version of who God created them to be. I will make you take bold actions to start your own business. As a prolific writer and author, I will help you actualize your dream of writing and publishing your own book.

With my long years of experience and wisdom gathered along the way, I will help you improve the quality of your life, teach you resilience in the face of adversity and show you how to rise above the waves because I have been there and I overcame. 

As a serial entrepreneur, I will introduce you to my business boost program and teach you the latest marketing strategies that are working in the economy right now. I will teach you how to create blockbuster content. Launch your own webinars and establish a reliable social media presence.

The biggest imperative for 2022 is survival; shifting your business online is essential.

My areas of experience

Online business technology and tools, strategizing how to combine an assortment of skills and experience to create an online business, develop new business idea in real time, creating audio and videos for strategic marketing and promotion. Designing of quality websites.

Am looking out for clients who are usually self motivated women and open to coaching and ready to get to work and take their life to the next level.

Why do I want to empower Women?

Because I relate to their challenges and mindset. I see a lot of women losing out on financial opportunities and increasingly becoming one of the most economically vulnerable of the society.

How do I work with client?

I intend to do most of the transaction online via Zoom calls, messaging, email or video calls and Skype.

I will teach you the best way to get started and show you how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.



My focus is to help empower your mindset, belief systems, and your life path to break your mental blocks. Create your personal brand to help you stand out. Re-invent yourself to accommodate the future success you dreamed about. 1 on1 coaching is the best approach to achieving this or a few groups of people on Zoom at the same time.

I have created an intensive 12-week program that consists of 4 phases to take you from the first exploratory phase all the way through to becoming the best version of you. The other programs run through 6 months, 9 months and12 months.

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