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Changing the world

“One reason we hold back from doing what needs to be done is that nobody else seems bothered about it. This comes down to something fundamental about human beings: we’re social animals and we learn the right way to behave by observing others”. John-Paul Flintoff

The world today is filled up with so much negativity. There is war, terrorism, poverty, sickness, pollution just to mention a few. So much evil in the world and many have lost hope in humanity.

Fortunately, there is still hope starting with you and I, together we can change the world because we are all here together. Let us be that change we want to see. None of us can change the entire world all by ourselves, but making our own little contributions will go a long way towards making the world a better place.

Many of us want to do something but don’t know what to do. The most important question to ask yourself is “How can I make my impact and change the world, think “What should I do?” and “What can I do?” One who stands up with moral courage and conviction can change society and create waves of transformation around the world.

“Don’t worry about other people. If you put enough energy into your own efforts, soon enough they may find it impossible not to join you. – John-Paul Flintoff”

Speak up, and take action, if there are issues that concern your society, use your voice to bring attention to them. Sign petitions, write letters to your member of parliament, make an appointment to see someone in the government who has the power to change things, and discuss with them. We are all unique and we all have value to bring to the world. Allow yourself experience the joy of helping others. You need to have the attitude of empowerment and growth. Get out of your comfort zone. The magic happens outside of the bubble. Make it a goal to always change, grow, and increase your input to the world.

It feels easier to be a spectator but take little steps to improve the world around you. This can make all the difference. Rosa Parks wasn’t a leader, but her actions changed her society which brought hope to the people of colour at the time. She influenced other women to start a revolution for positive changes.

We all have the power to change the world. A single idea is enough to start a revolution. All that matters is for you to think of that one idea.

The human revolution is the most fundamental of all revolutions, and at the same time, the most necessary revolution for humankind." Taking responsibility for transforming our own lives is the first step toward creating a human society based on compassion and respect for the dignity of all people.

By Hilda Oti


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