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Greed and Selfishness The Nigerian Number One Killer Disease!

Nigeria is a blessed nation with so much possibilities, its called the giant of Africa! And truly Nigeria is the bedrock of Africa, its a land flowing with milk and honey but sadly majority of the population are in abject poverty with little or no hope for the future. This milk and honey belonging to all Nigerians is shared among some group of people while some are stolen in their billions by other group of people. Why is this so? Why is this the faith of Nigerians after 57 years of independence? Why are some Nigerians in authority very greedy and selfish? Why is there no patriotism anymore? People go all out to steal billions! Hmm... They forget that life span will eventually end someday and all the stolen wealth will not go with them on that final day but only judgment awaits them on the other side.

The time is now to start revamping the conscience of our leaders to strive to leave a legacy that will last forever. They should strive to leave their mark on marble for generations to come, its time they start to see Nigeria and Nigerians as their family members whom they would love to give the very best of themselves and even lay down their lives for. Its time for our leaders to realize that if the people suffer they cannot find real peace and have real pleasure while millions are suffering. When you look around, you see many unfinished projects. The contractors have collected money for the projects, payed bribes to get the contracts and at the end of the day when they abandon the projects nobody, no governmental agency follows them up, so they steal all the money meant to make Nigeria a better place to live in. These thieving contractors, their conscience is so dead that they will go to sleep without blinking an eye. Meanwhile they forget they only have few years to enjoy these stolen wealth, maybe they will get to 70 years that God promised mankind or even get extra grace to reach 100 years, so what happens to you and your name after that? Nothing! You and your billions or Millions will seize to exist, you become nothing; the only thing that you could have left behind was how you radically changed the destiny of Nigeria, how you touched lives, how you saved lives, how you lived selflessly, how you did what was right, this should be the consciousness of all Nigerians and Nigerian leaders, not to get to office only to enrich yourself and members of your family! Let's all look inwards starting from me, how can we make Nigeria Great Again!

By AHilda Oti

Journalist, Paris-France

January 16th 2018

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