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Every Nigerian Life Matter

What is happening in Benue State is like watching a horror fiction movie on television but alas, it's happening right before our very eyes. I find it hard to believe that after the recent massacre in Benue State, the killings are still going on and the federal government has refused to take swift action. The governor of Benue State is not even spared the disdain attitude of the Federal government.

This scenario reminds me of Odi massacre which took place on November 20, 1999 in Bayelsa State where 2500 innocent civilians were killed by the Federal government Soldiers as ordered by the regime of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. How could this have happened, 2500 unarmed people wasted in one day? People must have thought back then! See what is happening today. Is Nigeria any different? Are we moving forward as a country or going backwards.

Does the lives of innocent poor people in Nigeria not matter that they can just be downtrodden upon and nobody seem to give a hoot, the institution that is supposed to protect the people are the very ones killing them. Why is the Federal government not taking decisive actions against this so called association of Cattle rearers? Why cant the government enforce the Law? Is anyone above the Laws of Nigeria?

The Life of every Nigerian seem to have no meaning to the government of Nigeria, is it because these are the very poor and weak of the society, is that why their lives don't matter? Is the government for the rich and mighty only or "For the people and by the people"? I bet if Fulani herdsmen killed only five ministers with their families and their dogs and cats, you all can guess what will happen, it will not take more than 24 hours those hideous blood sucking demons will be brought to book. They will be rounded up and killed with no room for dialogue.

They will not even think of dialogue because they will be so pained by the sudden departure of their colleagues. They will use all they have to make sure they bring justice to the fallen ministers! Your guess is as good as mine, the Presidency will be on ground with their aged parents and extended families to sympathize with them in their trying period. Now turn the coin around, its the poor people that herdsmen are killing and not a single action from the Federal government of Nigeria, not even a visit from the presidency, there is no justice for the slain, there is no comfort for the poor, families have been turn apart, children, mothers, fathers slain beyond recognition when Nigeria is not at war and there are so many refugee camps in Benue State, people are dying from hunger as a result of these made shift camps and the Federal government has remained silent.

Nigeria has encouraged and allowed so many innocent blood to be shed on its soil, blood shed from time past through the Biafra civilian massacre, Odi massacre and so many other massacres, the blood of poor innocent Nigerians keeps spilling on its soil and no justice is brought to the slain. When did Nigeria get here and where are we really heading?

By Hilda Oti

Journalist Paris-France


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