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New Senate Bill To Kill For Nothing!

The new bill to hang 'hate speech offenders' has really got me thinking, the only person that deserves a death penalty is someone who takes another person's life so how did the law makers arrive here? Have they hanged all those that stole billions from Nigeria treasury? How can this bill repair the failing economy? How can this bill move the country forward? I regard these lawmakers as quagmires to the progress of Nigeria.

How many of the looters has be arraigned in court to face prosecution? Nigeria is going through the most horrible of times with the on going Benue Massacre, Boko Haram just kidnapped over 100 young girls, the Naira is falling rapidly, there is fuel scarcity, no electricity, cost of food and living generally is on the increase, so many ills going on the country. What are the law makers doing to solve this insurmountable task ahead of Nigeria? All they think about is how to kill those that write negative things about them, how to silence those that will oppose their evil ways, how to avenge themselves on those that will have the audacity to challenge them, this new law is about them and not about the people, its all about their ego, to protect their fallacy.

The Presidency should not approve this bill on hate speech, its erroneous, preposterous, senseless and unreasonable to think of killing a human being that did not take another life just for hate speech. What happened to freedom of speech? Where is the rights of hate speech offenders? Take a look at America, see how Donald Trump is bombarded daily with hate speech, have they arrested anyone to be killed, can't you guys see how barbaric your bill is, its poignant and very offensive

This bill has exposed the mind of the law makers that proposed it; they are heartless, mean spirited and wicked. What is so terrible with 'hate speech' when there is freedom of speech? They are making an elephant out of a fly, they have gone overboard this time!

By Hilda Oti Journalist Paris-France. March 1 2018

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