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Building Trust

Many of us have people we trust and people we don’t trust and some cannot even trust at all because of past betrayal from a friend, a family member or from an employee or even a boss. The betrayed person will go through life suspecting everyone as untrustworthy. He or she will keep others at a distance, avoiding intimate relationships. Its only by working through the lack of trust issues can the person learn to maintain a healthy boundary while dealing with others.

Most times the people we trust are those we have built relationships with over time and such relationships have stood the test of time. These relationships become worthy of our trust. Trust is a critical aspect of any relation-ship. If you have problem trusting people it could affect your life negatively, you will miss good opportunities etc. You can re-establish your ability to trust and overcome your trust issues by learning to trust again. The way out is to communicate better in your present relationships, find out what others are really thinking not what you perceive they are thinking. Be accountable for thought obsessions and fantasy. Fear of betrayal isolates you and puts you in touch with pain and loss. For a healthy living, you need to cultivate good relationships with perfect boundaries, respect, communication and equality.

Know that there are still many lessons ahead of you. Part of you would love to stay in your comfort zone and not want to interact with others, but trust God to bring the right people your way. Don’t become closed up that you can no longer receive the good that is yours.

Life itself is your best friend and coach, be open to learn. Trusting life is a choice, and it’s a creative one at that. Your choice creates your reality. If you choose to trust life in the deepest possible way, you’ll eventually reframe every life experience to reinforce this trust. Your most painful setbacks will become your bounce back and growth lessons. Your decision to trust life will create the corresponding reality. Speaking from experience I can tell you that this is a delightful reality to experience.

By Hilda Oti


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