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I have always been convinced that the monsters called herdsmen are not Nigerians but a group of terrorist group camouflaging as cattle men to gain access into our country with the knowledge that our borders is easily accessible. In this age and time when developed nations have created large farms, ranches, where their cattle or other animals are bred. The Nigerian government still allow grazing of Cattle despite the many challenges the nation is facing as a result of so called conflicts between herdsmen and communities. When did herdsmen start to carry sophisticated rifles openly and freely when grazing? And the government stand and watch these blood sucking demons wreck lives and properties! I have not yet seen a video or a photo of any arrest made! What is happening in Nigeria? No justice has been given to hundreds of thousands of innocents lives that have been slaughtered like cows over the years and the government thinks the country can move forward when there are souls crying for justice having been forcefully sent to the world beyond.

This quote by Steven Magee has now come alive in Nigeria. It says “The biggest mistake that you will make in life is believing that governments act in the public interest.” Nigeria is under siege; people from other countries are taking over our lands and killing our people and all the government do is look away. Those of us in Diaspora look with awe at the unfolding drama in our motherland. Nigeria is not at war with any country but Nigerians are slaughtered daily like cows and our military is there lying idle, our police is idle, now there is work to do they are no where to be found. With all the capabilities of our military and Nigeria Police force, it is disheartening to see that they have not tackled these evil impostors. How did we get to this level of degradation? What is really going on? After independence Nigeria as a whole is daily and slowly been reduced to a state of emergency, there is killing all over the country, no state is speared; these killer gangs have spread their tentacles all over Nigeria causing mayhem and yet the government is so silent? What a big shame on the so called “Giant of Africa”! Theses marauders are making a big mockery on the Nigerian security sector because they can walk in freely, roam about with their weapons commit their atrocities and then walk away freely. What an irony on Nigeria 'The Giant of Africa'.

Is there true leadership? Is there a government in Nigeria? All we read about is heartless looters and thieves in government, thank God not everybody in government is a thief and a looter but the good ones don't speak out for the people, they have been silenced to a state of muteness, they fear for their lives at the expense of thousands dying every day, they have become cowards in the face of Nigeria adversity. Those who are supposed to defend Nigeria and its citizens are actually the brains behind its destruction. But things got to change! With this quote I stop writing for now “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” Edward R. Murrow

By Hilda Oti

Journalist Paris-France

23 January 2018

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