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Poem ‘November 13 2015’

This poem is dedicated to Victims of November 13th Terrorist attack in Paris.

What is happening?

I looked to see what the commotion was

My heart pounded from sudden panic

At the sight of what looked like a movie

It wasn’t a movie, this was real

I stopped everything else and just watched

From a far distance in my living room

Through my TV screen

They walked in majestically laughing unaware

Of what awaited them

Suddenly their lights are shut down

To be awaken in paradise united with God

They are our fallen heroes

They received no warning of a battle cry

Though their lights was quenched

Who they were cannot be quenched by

Smoke and fire

They will always be remembered

As their footprints have been marked in the

Sands of time that no river or ocean

Can wash away

They did not die in vain as they have been

Immortalized for eternity

A way of life is about to be altered

Life of freedom

Adieu friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers,

Sons and daughters, grand ma and grand pa

Rest in peace in God’s bosom

May God comfort their families

Who are broken in spirit

May their homes be filled with His peace

And brighten their lives and wipe away their tears!

By Hilda Oti

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