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South African Politicians incited Xenophobic attacks

With the recent deadly xenophobic attacks on other African nationals by some South Africans, there is cause to weep for Africa. Nyerere quoted “Without unity, there is no future for Africa”. The founding fathers of OAU set themselves two major objectives; the total liberation of our continent from colonialism and settler minorities and the unity of Africans”. All African countries have respected this treaty till date except South Africa that has openly renounced this treaty with their many xenophobic attacks on other African nationals. South Africans must be reminded that foreign nationals fought for their liberation. Nationals from other African countries participated in their liberation and went to Robben Island. African countries gave selfless solidarity and friendship to South Africa during their struggle for liberation. It has come into the limelight that the South African politicians incited this kind of violence when Mayor Herman Mashaba, told South Africa's public broadcaster that law enforcement has been undermined by the government's failure to secure the border. This statement resulted in the recent wave of attacks on foreigners and foreign-owned businesses. It's not the first time and the government is allowing an anti-immigrant protest in Pretoria. The attacks followed vigilante violence in Johannesburg, where residents assaulted Nigerians and burnt their homes, accusing the Nigerians of selling drugs and prostitution. They also went ahead on a killing spree of other African nationals. My question is why these attacks? After all the sacrifice made by the African Continent to liberate South Africa during their struggle, what is the Organization of African Unity (OAU) saying? What drastic action is on ground to stop this madness by South Africans? I saw a video recently where the leader of the South African led anti-immigrants was saying that he enjoys spilling the blood of other Africans on their soil that ‘South Africa is for South Africans”. He went further to say that the only country he respects is Uganda. What beats my imagination is the fact that this guy had the boldness to come out and make these declarations. It shows he has some backing from government. If not, then he should be duly arrested and charged with murder because he openly attested to killing 7 Gambians. Oh!! Africa, I weep for you, I weep for your children in South African who have followed the part of folly that leads them to death and destruction, it grieves my heart to see how innocent lives are wasted right before our very eyes for no reason other than based on hate, meaningless hate after all the love and friendship bestowed on South Africans in their hour of need. It grieves my heart that some elements in government incited the protest to appease citizens for votes. Is this the beginning of promoting the African Unity and African Identity or the beginning of division and destruction of the values that has held together the African Continent? Apostle Hilda Oti Journalist Paris-France

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